The resort was nice enough. Nothing to do here except use the small pool, but it’s close to a couple of tiny stores and has a lovely view of a small bay. It was clean enough for us, but the beds were atrocious! I laid awake most of the night, and when I asked the other guests, they had the same experience. We even went into the other guest rooms. Same story—the only guest who’d slept on worse beds was a traveler who’d spent time in Japan, sleeping on A MAT covering a wooden pallet! Don’t underestimate the value of a restful night. There is a slightly equipped kitchen with large butter knives. If you buy fresh fish from the locals, be prepared to NOT be able to cut it. Also we had to pay an EXTRA 10 Euro to use the kitchen or barbecue grill EACH TIME!! The staff was lovely and tried to be helpful, but maybe if they were given a day off once in awhile they’d be able to experience the island and give guests ideas for activities or nearby beaches.