Find your next perfect place to live

When it comes to thinking of the ideal place to live two things come to mind. The big bustling city or a small quiet town. My choice would be the small town for several reasons. One it’s quiet. There are not a lot of people which can help cut down on crime and violence. Third there are a lot of different sights and sounds that you don’t get to see nor hear in a big city. Last but not least you normally have a better school system in small towns. The Quietness you get in a small town compared to a big city is like none other. You don’t here sirens blaring all hours of the night. You don’t hear loud obnoxious individuals walking up and down the street causing all sorts of havoc. You also don’t get an abundance of those so called tuner cars flying down your street. Instead you get a peaceful place to come home to and relax without a whole bunch of extra worries after a long day. Population in the big city can be overwhelming to some individuals.

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